How to Live Long and Well by Controlling Your Environment

While some people think you have no control over your environment, there are others who believe you do. When you understand you have control to some extent, you can learn how to live long and well by making adjustments in your lifestyle. If you want to live longer, there are three areas of your life to consider making changes if necessary.

1. Nutritional habits. There are several ways you can ensure you are living a healthy nutritional lifestyle. Eating healthy food, taking necessary supplements, maintaining a healthy weight, controlling such health issues as cholesterol and blood pressure, and not smoking are all areas you need to review.  

Researchers have identified people in other areas of the world who seem to know how to live long lives, without any idea they are doing the right thing. For example, in some areas the sun stays strong almost all year so there is no need for a supplement such as vitamin D.

2. Physical activities. The mode of transportation in much of the world consists of walking where ever they go, so people have few problems with obesity or other physical conditions associated with lack of exercise. People in developed nations are more likely to need a regular, low intensity type exercise regimen such as gardening, walking, or joining their children in a hot game of tag.

3. Social activities. In past times people tended to gather for various activities such as clubs, card parties, or church socials. They had an innate sense of how to live long and well. In modern times, people tend to spend their free time on the computer or sitting in front of the television set rather than sitting on the front porch chatting with neighbors. People do not have the close friendships they used to enjoy.

Researchers believe isolation tends to take years off our lives. As a nation and in many places around the world, people need to deliberately build friendships with people of like minds for the sheer pleasure of participating in social activities. They need to surround themselves with those who are supportive and in agreement with their values.

Taking time to look over your life will help you understand how to live healthy, happy, and long. If you can create a healthy lifestyle, one that provides you with the right amount of physical activity, a healthy diet plan, and a support group of family and friends surrounding you, living a very long life is certainly a possibility.

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