Live Long and Stay Healthy - What We Can Learn From Other Cultures

There are areas around the world where people are able to live longer and stay healthier than ever before in modern history. Researchers have spent years studying the behavioral habits of those who are living well into their nineties and an increasing number who are living into their 100s. While no one knows exactly how long a person will live, there is a growing amount of research that suggests what may be contributing to their longevity.

Physical - It has been determined that most people who live long and healthy lives are also more active than their counterparts. People are working their farms herding sheep and goats and plowing their fields as their families have for generations. Keeping active helps strengthen the heart, and helps keep bones strong, preventing falls that are becoming a leading cause of death in the elderly.

Mental - There are a large number of people who have a strong will to live. They are bound and determined they are going to outlive their spouse or live longer than their parents did. Sometimes an inner determination to survive can make a difference in how long one will live.

Lifestyle - Living a healthy lifestyle by eating the right foods and exercising daily can add years to one's life. It has also been noted that people who are socially active seem to live longer and enjoy life more fully than those who tend to stay by themselves. Keeping close to family and friends may add years to your life span.

Medical - Disease can take its toll on a person's body and mind. While people should strive to live long and healthy lifestyles, their main concern should be to recover from whatever illness may strike as quickly as possible. Rarely does anyone get away with never getting sick, but how quickly they can get back on their feet will help determine their overall health and longevity.

Spiritual - Research has shown that people who believe in a higher power have a tendency to live longer than those who do not. Believing in someone greater than yourself, whoever or whatever belief that may be, gives people hope. And, without hope, people are more liable to fall into depression and illness thereby shortening their life.

These five areas have proven to have an effect on how people are able to live long and productive lives in a number of areas around the world. Whether you agree with the findings or not, they are well worth taking a look at if you are interested in the possibility of increasing your life span.

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