Living Longer by Eating Less Is Easier Than You Think

As researchers continue to search for clues as to why people are living longer by eating less, those who are already watching how much they eat are enjoying a more active lifestyle. Not only are they enjoying life with greater ease, they are more apt to have many more years of living to enjoy. Here are a few suggestions to help you eat less and live longer:

Commit to losing weight in the long term

Depending on how much weight you need to lose, commit to taking your weight loss program one day at a time. Start where you are at right now and aim for a more or less steady weight loss without going on a fad diet or trying to over exercise. What you are aiming for at this point is living longer - not getting skinny as soon as possible and possibly dying young. Take your time by cutting calories and watch the weight fall away.

Commit to a light exercise program

When you eat less food, you do not have to overly push yourself with hard workout sessions. Again, your aim is living longer. Researchers are finding that those who greatly increase their exercise regimen in order to lose weight do not live any longer than those who simply cut calories while keeping their exercise program light and easy. In fact, those who over exercise may do greater harm to their body in the long run while shortening their life span.

Commit to eating healthy food

Just because you are cutting calories does not mean you need to give up your favorite foods. What it does mean is that you need to use common sense in what foods to choose so that you can remain healthy while losing weight. Depending on how active your lifestyle, cutting back on how much you eat may differ from those who are not as active.

You can still enjoy eating healthy food such as vegetables, fruits, and fiber. While some choose to eat fewer calories, others lose weight by switching to healthy food choices.

You know what foods you like, how active you want to be without excessive physical activity, and what lifestyle you want to live. You can lose excess weight by keeping in mind what your goal is, taking your time in reaching that goal, and letting the worry and strain about how you are going to get there fall by the wayside.

After all, living longer by eating less means you free yourself from strict, outlandish diets and overly zealous exercise programs and simply eat less food. Give yourself permission to relax and enjoy life. You will be surprised how quickly your extra weight will fall away.

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