Start Early If You Want to Live a Long Life – Here’s How

To live a long life is a worthy goal people should strive to meet if at all possible. While most people think growing old is a negative concept, those who typically maintain a positive attitude also are more likely to choose to live a healthy lifestyle. They are able to grow old with grace no matter what their chronological age reveals.

Have you ever seen someone who you thought was in their fifties or sixties only to find out they were only forty? While it can be embarrassing, there is a reason they look older than their years. On the other hand, you probably have found people in their eighties acting and looking decades younger.

Some people would like to attribute their success to the fountain of youth, but that is not the case. If you looked closely at their life, you would find their success came from making the right choices when they were young. Those decisions led them to a place where they now can expect to live a long life.

Do you think you can live a long life? It is widely believed that diet and exercise play an important part in adding years to your life span, and that is certainly true. It's also a lifestyle choice everyone should adhere to. However, there seems to be something even more important than diet and exercise that can tack on the years and that is your belief system.

The old adage that you are only as old as you think you are plays an important part in how you feel about your chronological age. Your mind is a powerful tool in the fight against aging. If you think you are old, you will manifest your thoughts - you will think, look, and act older than you are. If you think young thoughts, your lifestyle will reflect that attitude.

Many people make the mistake of thinking they should work hard until they retire, then kick back and start enjoying life. That is usually not the way it happens. You've probably heard about people who worked hard all their life only to die soon after retirement without ever having the chance to travel or do those things they left until their retirement years. The best way to live a long life is to start early while you still have the energy.

Join those who have the mindset they are going to live a long life. Realize your life is to be enjoyed now, not later. Savor your days. Take time to enjoy your family and friends, travel if that's your desire, live your life to the fullest and you will enjoy life's journey along the way.

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