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Shaun Kwong is USANA Malaysia Associate
Kwong lives in KL, Malaysia.  He owns an engineering services companyhttp://www.elevatormalaysia.blogspot.com,   new to network marketing, now helping others with success.  “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” Enroll with Kwong 

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Anchalee Watewilai is USANA Thailand AssociateAljaree Apichartmontree lives in Bangkok, Thailand.  She is an Exporter, owns her company, is interested in True Health and True Wealth, discovered a company that provided answers to her questions.  Enroll with Aljaree +66805548718

Linda Descallar is our USANA Philippines associate.Linda Descallar lives in Bohol, Philippines.  She is retired from the health service.  She first tried the USANA Essentials and was amazed by the results.  She can personally vouch for the effectiveness of the products.  Enroll with Linda +63384110265

Pete Komala is our USANA Thailand associatePete Komala lives in Bangkok, Thailand.  He is a very busy executive.  Because of the effectiveness of the Essentials, Pete recommended the trust of Dr. Myron Wentz and USANA to his family and friends.  Enroll with Pete's father, Norarit. Tel: +66851224499

Simon Chan lives in LA

 Ken Ong lives in Malaysia

From left to right.
Standing: Richard,
Kwong.Seating: Panachapan, Norarit.

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